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Walk In The Good Way with Pastor Steve Heimbichner

Dec 30, 2021

How is it that you bless your children? As the children of Israel we are to impart blessings by the laying on of hands. Numbers 6:22 is a specific prayer YHVH told Aaron to speak of all the tribes. Simple steps lead to such profound results.... Such as the tree that comes from a mustard seed.

Dec 23, 2021

You may be asking yourself, "How do I bless My Children?" "Is there a specific way?" In this podcast Pastor Steve addresses those questions in simple steps and builds upon the set foundation. When a parent starts validating a child, watching the self esteem and identity of that child become evident in their life, the...

Dec 9, 2021

A mother holds a child face-to-face, yet a father holds a child with their back to his chest preparing them to make a difference in the world. Being a father isn't about who you are, but about what you do. Did you know it's the father who establishes a child's identity and sexuality? In this short 20 minute podcast you...

Dec 2, 2021

The coming of age for boys becoming men in some African tribes is the killing of an animal. The right of passage for girls to women in Mexican culture is a quinceanera at the age of 16. Yet when does a boy become a man, or a girl become a women according to American tradition? The answers vary greatly. Pastor Steve...

Nov 25, 2021

During this episode of Walk In The Good Way Pastor Steve Heimbichner outlines clear instructions for parents on creating within their children identity and purpose. When children are told that they can do all things through the Messiah who strengthens them, then the child begins to walk out their destiny.