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Walk In The Good Way with Pastor Steve Heimbichner

Mar 8, 2022

If Robert was my name and I was called Roberto, that would be dishonoring to me. Even though some of our names have direct translations into other languages, calling me something other than my name would be dishonorable to me. Especially when names have a meaning, and the significance behind it serves a purpose. Today Pastor Steve Heimbichner sits down with his good friend Dr. Suuqiina, as he shares his experience being born an Inupiaq from Alaska, but having his name changed and the impact it did and didn't have upon him in life. Similarly, do you think it honors Yeshua (meaning Yahweh's Salvation) when we refer to Him as Jesus? Tune in, and let us know what you think at the end of the episode by sending us an email to And don't forget to visit our website at for your free gift.